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FAQ & Quick Tips

Computers can get a little complicated, we’ve included below some common questions our clients ask along with some quick tips you might find useful too

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repair/service take?

We repair most faults within 2-3 days, we also offer a 24 hour priority service (subject to availability of parts if needed). If a repair or service requires additional parts to be ordered then in most cases where stock is available in the UK we are able to arrange 24/48 hour deliveries for most common hardware items. We realise how difficult being without your computer can be and we will always try to get it back to you as quickly as possible.

How much will my repair cost me?

We will always offer you a fixed price for the repair, for example if your laptop screen needs replacing we will give you a total price for the work before starting. In most cases repairs and upgrades include a free of charge assessment to ensure our price estimates are accurate and ensure there are no other issues. In some advanced cases where disassembly or diagnostic of unknown or intermittent faults are deemed advanced we charge a fixed rate £35 advanced diagnostic which is waived if you go ahead with a subsequent repair or service. We don’t want you to have any nasty surprises; that’s why we will always give you a comprehensive quote before starting a repair or service.

What do you mean by "independent service provider"?

Independent service providers are not contractually aligned with any particular manufacturer. While “authorised service providers” do have some advantages, with access to manufacturer specific supply channels, extended documentation and support. They are also in many cases under a contractual obligations which stipulate what types of service and repairs they may offer and what price must be presented to the customer. As an independent provider we believe we offer our clients better value but in many cases we’re able to offer a personal, quality service which is equal to or better than even premium manufactures and their authorised representatives.

Can you replace cracked/damaged screens?

Absolutely, we repair laptop and all in one desktop screens all the time and it’s much cheaper than buying a new computer. However in some instances, especially with older models the replacement display panels can be costly. In some cases you may be able to source a newer refurbished equivalent computer for the same price. For this reason we offer our free of charge assessments.

I’m worried about my data, is it safe?

We will always take great care in looking after your data. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and take protection of your data seriously. We will always minimise access to your data, however in the course of a repair or service we may require access to your Operating System in order to carry our software troubleshooting, updates or data recovery.

When possible we always advise that you should keep a backup of your most important data, however in practice we know that problems follow Murphy Law and you may not have had the chance to perform a backup prior to an issue occurring.

If you have important data, sensitive information or are worried about your data then your welcome to query with us prior to commencing any work and we can either perform a backup on your behalf prior to performing any works, or if required we can also provide NDA or other written confirmation to confirm the actions to be undertaken to protect your data while your hardware is being serviced.

Do you fix phones and tablets?

Due to the high demand for our IT support, repairs and related services, unfortunately we can’t help with damaged smartphone or tablet devices.

We are however able to offer data recovery services for some types of iOS and Android device. If your having a boot issue or failed update and need your data retrieved from a device you’re welcome to get in touch.

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