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Proudly established in Hackney Wick since 2010.

Authentic IT Support & Services

Two Technicians walk into bar…

It certainly feels like a long time ago but back in 2010 we had the idea that we could do IT better. “Computer repair shops” have been around a long time but we noticed the quality of support was widely varied. Our plan was simple, we wanted to turn the IT department inside out, bringing the skills and dedication you would normally only find “in house” and offer this to our clients and customers as a genuine “direct to technician” service.

Since the days of old computers have come a long way and as technology has developed its no longer simply a case of fixing computers. From domain and email migrations to cloud computing, IT support now encompasses a broad range of disciplines through a constantly evolving landscape of software and hardware and its no longer a “business only” need to have access to advanced support.

For the clients and customers we support we’re a dedicated IT department, we care about the users we support and we’re proud to be able to democratise our services and offer our consumer clients the same quality of care and commitment that we provide our business clients.

IT Support for Small Businesses

Traditionally as with all industries the quality of IT support varies widely among IT support providers. Thinking we could do better this prompted us to start a business where our goal is simply that we want to establish a service offering that mirrors the diligence you would expect from an in-house IT department’s dedication and skillset. Over the years, technology has advanced exponentially, transforming IT support from basic computer repairs to encompassing complex tasks such as domain and email migrations, and embracing innovations like cloud computing. Today, businesses rely on us not just for fixing issues but also for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of software and hardware solutions. We pride ourselves on democratising high-quality IT support, ensuring that small businesses receive the same level of commitment and care that larger enterprises benefit from.

IT Support for Consumers

Beyond serving businesses, we recognise that every individual has unique technological needs. Our consumer IT support services extend this same dedication and expertise to personal technology users. Whether it’s troubleshooting a home network issue, setting up a new device, or ensuring data security, we approach each consumer client with the same diligence and respect that define our business support ethos. We understand that technology is deeply personal, and our goal is not just to resolve technical issues but also to empower individuals to harness technology effectively in their daily lives. At AnyKeyIT we strive to offer unbiased and ethical technical support, ensuring that every client, whether business or consumer, receives exceptional service tailored to their specific needs.

Human Tech Support

We’ve all met them, the technology evangelists who may claim to know everything but in a practical sense help essentially no one.

We obviously care a lot about IT but the truth is that technical support is as much about people as it is about computers. It’s also true that everyone has there own experiences and specific needs when it comes to technology so its with this in mind that we’re proud to offer our technical services in what we feel is an unbiased and ethical outlook.

It’s a simple notion but we treat all our clients with diligence and respect irrespective of the complexity of a support issue. We know technology is a people thing and as much as we enjoy the challenges that the hardware and software can bring, what we’re really about is helping people in their personal IT needs and supporting businesses as though they were our own.

This is our underlaying ethos, to always do right by our clients and offer the best possible service to the people we support.

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