Tech Support

Workshop Repairs & Upgrades for Mac, PC and laptop computers.

AnyKeyIT offers a range of tech support services for both Mac & PC ranging from drop and liquid damage repairs to performance upgrades and data recovery.

Based in Hackney Wick East London at our open to the public workshop and office we’re available Monday to Friday for drop-in and appointments.

Not unlike the IT dept at some company you might have once worked at, we don’t just fix the computers but also manage and work with a range of other technologies, since 2010 we’ve been offering bespoke and fixed price IT support to consumers, working professionals and small businesses alike.

To find our more about what we do or make a service enquiry feel free to get in touch.

PC and Mac Repairs + Upgrades

PC and Mac repairs and upgrades for all generations of machine, we know how to get your laptop, tower or paper bin back up and running or if it's just a little performance boost your technology needs we can help with that too.
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Virus / Spyware Removal

We offer virus removal and internet security check-ups for both PC and Mac. Mac? Yep, even Apple devices are now susceptible to virus infection and compromise. In either case we can get your computer safe and secure and set you up with protection you need for the future.
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Mac & PC Data Recovery

We offer data recovery services for both MacOS and PC formatted disks, as well as USB disk, SD and Compact Flash recovery from all standard file systems (HFS, HFS+, APFS, ext3, ext4, FAT16 + 32, RAW and many more)
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PC and Mac Repairs + Upgrades

All out standard diagnostics or upgrade assessments are free of charge, in some cases due to varying factors a repair may not be cost effective or an upgrade may only have a limited lifespan due to ending manufacturer support.

It’s with this is mind that we ensure you have all the relevant details available to you before moving ahead with a service, if your happy with the quoted costs we then proceed with the repair.

In some cases a technical issue can be a bit more challenging in which case we may need to charge a fixed rate advanced diagnostic fee for the additional bench time required to service an issue. If this is the case, we’re always upfront and will only proceed with your prior knowledge and consent.

With all our repairs we break down our repairs for both parts and service.

In most cases we have little to no control over the cost of hardware parts and the associated cost will be dictated by our available suppliers. We always aim to source hardware at competitive prices, or if you already have a part you would like installing then we’re happy to oblige with this also.

In terms of costs and hard figures we offer most services at fixed rates, with some troubleshooting or web issues being billed at hourly rates.

On average a basic repair or service will range from between £45-£90, when hardware is required this is really dependent on whats required and costs can range from £45-£100’s of GBP.

For more complex services fee’s can range from £90 – £250 for example where component level repairs, data recovery or small micro projects requiring significant work are required.

When our fixed rate services or hourly rates don’t apply a project is likely to be of significant complexity that a full project costing may be required, with this and all other services we always confirm with you prior to committing any work’s so you always stay informed and know exactly what your paying for.

In most cases we aim to have initial diagnostics for repairs completed within 48 hours, during busy periods or with complex issues this time may be extended though we always aim to keep our clients in the loop especially if we suspect delays or complications may be likely.

From the point of quoting for a repair we order most parts from our suppliers on demand via next day or 48 hour delivery. For more common hardware items such as hard disks and solid state disks we keep a limited supply of our preferred upgrade options in stock.

Once we have the part available more services can then be completed same day although depending on delivery schedules some repairs may also only be completed and ready to collect for the next working day.

For older hardware or machines purchased in other geographic regions replacement parts may require special order or use of other-seas suppliers it can take up to 30 days to receive the required parts.

Although this can be frustrating we always aim to keep you informed of the progress of your repair.

For more details or to book a repair please get in touch.

We keep a limited set of emergency use laptops and desktops available for customer use, in most cases we can provide these free of charge with only a small deposit required if the value of a repair machine is significantly less than that of the emergency replacement.

For specialist requirements including video rendering or 3D work our hardware is not generally sufficient and other solutions may be required.

Simply enquire when making your booking and our technicians will do what they can to facilitate a temporary replacement.

Virus + Spyware Removal

Our Anti Virus service for PC and Mac are offered at a fixed rate service that cover two criteria of virus removal; Standard, and Complex.

For all standard anti virus or spyware removal regardless of platform our charge is a fixed rate £55 to completely remove and verify a computer is no longer infected. For more complex infections we charge £95, which also includes a worst case scenario data backup and system wipe (in the event an infection cannot be cleaned through convention means such as those involving root-kits or crypto-locker infections)

On average we aim to complete most virus /spyware removals on a 24 hour turn around, this is in part due to the extended testing sometimes required to ensure a particular infection is adequately cleared and no other “dropper’s” or persistent threats are secretly attempting to re-infect the machine.

Once a threat has been correctly identified we can in some cases advise on this basis if its possible to complete a scan and clean for a same day turn around however please note this is not always possible.

For more serious infections or those involving crypto-locker style file and folder encryption – these issues require slightly more patience and can sometimes take several days to turn around. For more details simply ask one of our technicians or get in touch.

We offer the same 6 month warranty on all our services, however we do include some exclusions for repeat infection when the cause is not a failure of the protection or removal service we’ve performed.

That is to say, some infections are as a direct result of user actions. If you attempt to download Microsoft Office for Free and this infects the computer with a virus, repeating this behaviour once we’ve completed a removal service will often lead to a re-infection regardless of what Anti Virus software is installed.

In these instances our service warranty cannot cover the action of computers user the same way a car mechanic cannot warranty damage to repair as a result of driving into a lake.

However we do also want to help you stay protected and you can trust us to offer an unbiased and technical solution to any security concerns you might have. To find out more just get in touch.

Yes indeed, we work with major brands for internet security products every day and can help you get setup with everything from Anti Virus to full internet security with firewall and identity protection.

Just ask for more details.

Mac & PC Data Recovery

All our data recovery services come with standard diagnostics free of charge. Once we’ve made our initial assessment we’ll get back to you with our findings, if based on our appraisal of the issue and the estimated costs we’ll then commence a recovery attempt based on pricing that relates directly to the work we’re carrying out, no hidden chargers and no nasty surprises.

Yes indeed we offer recovery services for all common media devices including memory cards and USB keys and external hard disks.

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Home User Call Out

From MacOS boot issues to Windows 10 Printer drivers if you need help at home with your technology we offer call out technical support throughout Central and East London.
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Business Call Out

From MacOS boot issues to Windows 10 Printer drivers if you need help at home with your technology we offer call out technical support throughout Central and East London.
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