About Us

Who We Are

Oh jeez, do we love computers! Although maybe its a sort of love / hate relationship. That feeling when a manufacturer opts to save a few pennies on the dollar by using cheap zinc screws that shear apart the moment a screwdrivers so much as points in the direction of it.

At AnyKeyIT we want to keep IT real. We take our support services seriously, our clients aren't just nameless account numbers. For each and every incident we respond to we do so always with a friendly, professional and pro-user ethos, we're technicians but not robots 🤖

We're here to support you and your technology, not make excuses for manufacturers or to up-sell you the latest product.

We care about technological longevity, for end users and the environment if we can keep your technology working for longer or running faster than when you bought it - we see this as our job well done and we're sure you'll feel the same.

Since 2010 we've offered repair, maintenance and support from our open to the public workshop (ergo, repair lab - office) down a little side street in Hackney Wick, we're proud to support our local creative community and make the world of technical support that little bit better one repair at a time.